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Caramel Experimentation

I have been meaning to try this caramel recipe for some time and eventually got round to playing with it. The results were pretty good!

The macaroon is made from potato, icing sugar and coconut topped with chocolate and coconut.

Dried apricots produce a lovely sticky consistency when soaked and blended in a processor.

Add in 1/4 cup of margarine, I like to use the vegan kind and a touch of barley malt syrup is also a nice addition.

Continue processing and as the mixture is spinning, slowly pour in some milk of your choice, I like soya, just enough to make it smooth.

Suit yourself on that one.

Once made it is lovely spread on anything: biscuits; toast, baked apples… me I made caramel shortcake.

Furthermore, if you have time heat the caramel in a pan over a low heat, continually stirring to prevent burning. This will make it sweeter and stickier. Plus sweet things warmed up on rainy mornings like today are always welcomed.